World Environment Day

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31 May, 2017
Organ donation, the most supportive gesture
6 June, 2017
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The world environment day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution on the 15th of December in 1972. It has been held since 1973 on the 5th of June each year, date when  the Stockholm Conference started in 1972, and whose main theme was the environment.

In Toldos Guardamar do not celebrate it just today but every day: removing your old awnings separating each material for correct recycling for free, we do not emit CO2 during our production process, we use stationery recycled paper for our office, we recycle our waste correctly, every day we care so that all our workers are in care, beautiful and healthy surroundings.

Guardamar Green awnings: Together for the care of our planet.

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