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24 March, 2021
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7 April, 2021
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Good weather arrives, the sun, and that moment when we can enjoy our outdoor spaces. Awnings, like many of the objects or products that we buy for our home, can have a more or less long life depending on the use and care we give them.

At Toldos Guardamar we want to give you a series of recommendations or basic tips to make your awning a profitable investment.

Tips to prolong the life of our awning.

The main tip is cleanliness. Our canvases have a Safe & Clean finish that gives them self-cleaning properties, facilitating their maintenance and cleaning, since it makes water run easily over the fabric. As a general rule, it is recommended to clean every year. Applying water, which is not higher than 30ºC, neutral soap and a sponge, rubbing gently so as not to damage the canvas, and finally rinsing the entire surface well. The accumulation of dust must also be regularly removed, both in the machinery and in the fabric. This will give it a better aesthetic and will also prevent the hardware from spoiling.

The second tip, which is also linked to the first and also for when it gets wet due to rain, is to let it dry before picking it up. An awning with humidity should not be picked up, because the nasty and fearsome mold can form.

As a third tip, it is very important that, in adverse weather conditions, we have it collected. Wind and rain are always enemies for the proper functioning of our awnings. Use them only for what they are designed to protect you from the sun.

And finally, we must not forget that the machinery must be well greased, and that at the slightest noise or anomaly that we observe, do not let it pass. In the long run it can be irreparable and therefore much worse. Sometimes it happens that due to electrical failures the motor can be deprogrammed, it is very easy to reprogram, but if you wish we can help you.

Remember that in Toldos Guardamar, with forty years of experience in advanced solar protection systems, we carry out reviews of your awnings for free, so that you only have to worry about enjoying the good weather that comes to us.

We will be happy to assist you.

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