24 June, 2018

How to make compost from organic waste?

From Toldos Guardamar we would like to share with you all useful information, and this time we are going to talk about how to make homemade compost […]
7 June, 2018

7 actions to reduce energy consumption when children are on vacation

When the kids are at home on vacation, the energy consumption increases. Therefore, in this article we want to give you a few tips to reduce […]
15 May, 2018

7 tips to reduce, reuse and recycle

Respect for the environment is not a trend, but something that everyone should be aware of and it is something that anyone can do at home, […]
26 April, 2018

5 vegetables that you can not miss in your garden in spring

With the arrival of spring you have to prepare the garden to look better than ever and, although it is normal to have trees, plants and […]

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