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TOLDOS GUARDAMAR has always cared about the environment. We believe that the small gestures can make a big movement.

This is why we make sure our work is completely environment friendly, however we want to go that little bit further, by making TOLDOS GUARDAMAR GREEN a space where we giving you information about recycling and ways to make look after our planet. We also take your used awnings to make sure they recycled correctly. Opting for a good sun protection is also opting for a responsible energy consumption, as our sun systems protect and also, insulate.

“Only nature does great things without expecting any reward”

Alexander Herzen

TOLDOS GUARDAMAR removes your old awning for free for its correct recycling through our initiative.


TOLDOS GUARDAMAR recycles every month:

  + than 1700 kg of aluminum 
 + than 750 kg of iron
  + than 100 kg of plastic
  + than 4 m3 of cardboard

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