Flat awning

Awnings for Parking Awnings for Terrace and Garden

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Our range of P-Plus Comfort products, integrates our catalog of flat awnings. A series of perfect sun protection systems to integrate in all types of spaces thanks to the great flexibility and adaptability that this type of awnings have.

In Toldos Guardamar we have four variants of flat awning sun protection systems, which vary depending on the type of anchorage: flat awning between walls (P-PLUS COMFORT), flat awning goal (P-PLUS COMFORT X2, self-supporting flat awning (P-PLUS COMFORT X4) and gazebo.

Our team of professionals will analyze the space where you need to install your P-Plus Comfort palillería, and depending on the characteristics of it will indicate what type of variant would be the most appropriate.

All our P-Plus Comfort flat awning are made with high quality materials, and are ready to add accessories such as TL-PLUS (without window) or TLV-PLUS (with window) vertical awning in order to improve the isolation of the space.

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