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“To preserve our nature, it will be also necessary to have the determination to do it, and that desire can only arise from the emotion of discover, feel and love everything around us. ”

Eduard Punset

Are we doing enough?
Are we ready?

2020 is here, for Toldos Guardamar a year of facts, not a year of words or promises. A green year where the important thing will be LIFE with capital letters.

We are ready. And we invite you to join us on this journey in search of happiness, love and solidarity.

We invite you to be part of this unstoppable green movement, which translates into "small" big gestures that help us to preserve the most important thing; the LIFE of the planet, which is the life of all of us.

We wish you a 2020 full of joy, happy moments with your loved ones, and with us, the great family of Toldos Guardamar, which you can always count on.

2020 is here... Let's toast together LIFE!


What is the Green Project #2020?

Green Project is a big initiative started by Toldos Guardamar. The team is enthusiastically taking on this way of life that entails a new way of working in an environmentally friendly manner. Toldos Guardamar believe in the possibility of an eco­friendly path and according to their philosophy, sustainable development is much more than just a commitment for the future. With 2020 around the corner, the team is sure it will be the year of big positive change. Toldos Guardamar wants to start on the path to a green future with a commitment towards safeguarding the environment.

Above all, we want to protect the planet and the amazing life it is home to. As an example of this change, our company has innovated with their Ecobags. The bags replace destructive single use plastic and hybrid cars will soon be arriving. We work with recycled materials as well as recycling their own discarded materials correctly, all without emitting any type of contamination. Toldos Guardamar Green is a space where our company will inform you about recycling as well as offering to take care of used awnings to ensure proper recycling. Our team reminds clients that opting for awnings means choosing responsible energy consumption, since our systems protect and insulate your home.

A pledge for life

Toldos Guardamar want to protect the planet and the amazing life it is home to. Toldos Guardamar are starting this new Era full of energy and passion, with the promise of always offering the best service possible.



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