3 March, 2017
11 March, 2017
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Some of the women that work in Toldos Guardamar

On the 8th of March 1908 nearly 130 workers of Cotton in New York declaired strike and ocupied their work space. Their intention was to achieve the same timetable and wage as men in the workplace, as well as improving hygienic conditions. Unfortunately, the boss, far from granting their demands, closed the doors and provoked a fire so that the female workers would change their attitude. But the flames extended and the women died inside the building.

In 1909 the Working Women Day was celebrated for the first time in 1911 and as a response to the ait, over a million european women and men participated in the protest march to demand equality for females.

In 1977, the United Nations declaired March the 8th as the International Women’s Day. The day is identified by the colour purple because that was the color of the fabric the women were sewing the day they died. The day of the working women is a remembrance day, and not a celebration, as it reminds us of an unfortunate event. This made women take the initiative to be treated as all human beings should.

The main subject of International women’s day 2017 is “Women transforming the working world: towards a 50-50 in 2030” According to ONU, only 50 per cent of women that are of a working age are represented in the active worldwide population, as to a 76 percent of men.

To achieve gender equality in the workplace is necessary for sosteinable improvement.

The most important thing is to educate from a young age, girls and boys. The objetive must be to have not an environment in which they see things that makes them think girls are less than boys.

Publicity must be focused correctly and be conscious of how to educate society. Many have published lists of how to prevent rape and violence orientated only toward women. Although this advise without a doubt has been published with good intentions, they show the woman as a victim and, thoughtlessly, they blame women by saying “do not walk along lonely places”, “do not wear ponytails or plats”, “avoid bus stops at night time” or “try to sit near the driver”. When the only advice that should be given is “do not rape”. If there is a robbery in a store, we do not blame the owner because of where he has placed the store. The police (with many female agents) are there to help the victim of robbery just as much as a victim of rape, because both are crimes and the only one to blame is the person that commits the crime.

There is still a long way to go to be able to achive all of this, it may seem easy to say out loud, but there are still companies that do not respect this, such as the company publishing this. However, if we all work together we can reach the day that equality will be so ingrained that we won’t need a worldwide day of publicity to remind us.

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