P-Plus Comfort Portería

Awnings for Parking Awnings for Terrace and Garden Flat awning Pérgola Products

The P-PLUS COMFORT PORTERÍA is a flat awning system composed by guides and retractable canvas. Ideal to cover large areas and to have a better use for facades and terraces. It is lacquered, dried in the oven and scratch resistant.

In addition you can complete it with the TL-PLUS or TLV-PLUS COMFORT vertical awning for more privacy and insulation.


  • Fabric: Acrylic/PVC/Screen
  • Hardware: Oven baked aluminium
  • Colour: White/RAL
  • Motor: Tubular 30Nw/40Nw
  • Roof: Lama
  • Tube: Rollerbat 60/70/80
  • Tipo: Entreparedes/Cenador


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