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13 March, 2018
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Father’s Day is celebrated in March  in Spain, a good time to surprise him with a gift. From Toldos Guardamar, we can recommend one of our products, which provide shade to your home, windows, terraces, porches, rooftops or any other area that requires effective sun protection devices, but we also propose other ideas that you can keep in mind.

Ideas for gifts Father’s Day

Nobody knows a father better than his own children, therefore, even if you are the one who decides in the end what to give him, we want to propose a few ideas in case you are one of those who do not usually think much and always give the same, perfume or a tie.
A good book is something that never fails, especially if it is the subject that he enjoys. In the many platforms that exist actually, you can find the one that best suits his tastes and, although, you can give him a physical edition, you can also surprise him by giving him an eBook. We are sure that he does not expect it.

Surely your father also loves to share, so you can give him a brunch or dinner to go with your mother and enjoy a different evening. It can also be a weekend getaway, a treatment at a wellness center or a good massage.

Depending on the age, a safe technological gift will be something that to catch his attention. A tablet with connectivity so he can read the press wherever he goes, a smartphone or a smartwatch to control what he walks every day can be another of the many options you have at your hand to surprise your father in such a special day.
What proposal do you prefer?

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