Bioclimatic pergola, a space to enjoy all year round

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8 November, 2018
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If you thought you had seen everything in terms of awnings, surely you do not know everything we can offer from Toldos Guardamar. One of the latest trends in awnings is the bioclimatic pergolas, which create very special spaces that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Characteristics of bioclimatic pergolas 

From Toldos Guardamar we are proud to present the bioclimatic pergolas Bio-10 Exclusive. With it, you can create a living space outside your home without having to undertake any kind of project work. Undoubtedly, a revolutionary trend that will change the concept of awnings that many people have.

These are very special devices that break the molds of everything that was known until now and what has allowed us to position ourselves as a benchmark in our sector, but not only at a regional level but nationally and internationally.

In addition to this feature … what makes this pergola different from others? Thanks to its properties the Bio-10 Exclusive bioclimatic system allows to regulate both the temperature and the luminosity in a completely natural way. This will have a very positive effect on the household’s energy savings and, consequently, a lower electricity tariff, in addition to contributing to the environment.

It has specific systems of bioclimatic protection because in addition to protecting against inclement weather such as rain, wind and snow, it can regulate ventilation naturally and even protect from ultraviolet rays.

Finally, we can not forget about a very important aspect as far as awnings are concerned, the design. This model has a modern design, able to adapt to any place, which will provide the maximum satisfaction to all customers, regardless of the decorative style of the exterior of your home or its architecture.

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