Our customers are not just buying a decorative design for their homes, they are acquiring an awning because they care about their health and their family.
TOLDOS GUARDAMAR CARE is an initiative that allows us to create a space dedicated to health and care, in which you will be informed about the new advances in textile that protect from U.V. and advised on how to maximise the protection. Also you will find activities that promote and support the healthy lifestyle along with awarness campaigns on personal care.
24 May, 2018

3 ways to install awnings for parking in your garden

If you have a garden and enough space, you should never hesitate to make the most of it, either placing a pergola, tables, chairs, sunbeds, umbrellas, […]
22 May, 2018

Visit the Showroom of Toldos Guardamar

There is nothing better than feeling well advised by the staff of any establishment, in a personalized way and where they offer the best products and […]
17 May, 2018

Everything you need to know about our Gold Warranty

Anyone who wants to buy an awning for home, or for business, must take into account many aspects, such as the model that best suits his […]
17 May, 2018

New 15 days offer in your extensible arms awning!

We have a new special offer for you. If you could not take advantage of the previous one, now you can get an incredible discount on […]
15 May, 2018

7 tips to reduce, reuse and recycle

Respect for the environment is not a trend, but something that everyone should be aware of and it is something that anyone can do at home, […]
13 May, 2018

What kind of awnings can I install in the windows of my home?

Nowadays, we can find in the market a whole universe of different awnings, but we must bear in mind that not all are valid for the […]
10 May, 2018

3 ways to take care of your guests when doing an event in your garden

When the good weather arrives and you have a garden in your home, there is nothing better than celebrating some kind of event and inviting family […]
8 May, 2018

What characteristics should have a good canvas for awnings?

When we choose an awning it is very important to take into account the different types of canvas available, because each one has specific characteristics. The […]
3 May, 2018

5 top gifts for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we all want to keep her even more present and, it is a tradition, to give her a gift that impresses her. If […]
2 May, 2018

Call us and get an extraordinary discount on this product!

In Toldos Guardamar we take care of our clients and, above all, their comfort. For this reason, we have prepared a super offer for them. Now, […]
1 May, 2018

Tips to buy an awning in areas with strong wind gusts

We are at a good time to prepare our home for the summer season and place sun protection systems, such as awnings. Most cases do not […]
26 April, 2018

5 vegetables that you can not miss in your garden in spring

With the arrival of spring you have to prepare the garden to look better than ever and, although it is normal to have trees, plants and […]
24 April, 2018

Q rain and Pergo Rain: New products in Toldos Guardamar

Toldos Guardamar is a company specializing in everything related to awnings. Thanks to the experience and our extensive catalog, all customers can find the awning that […]
22 April, 2018

UPF 80+, and its importance in the manufacture of awnings

A company specializing in sun protection systems such as Toldos Guardamar only becomes the leader in the sector, by betting on offering all its customers products […]
19 April, 2018

3 ways to install awnings for parking in the garden

Having a garden, regardless of whether it is in a home or in a catering business such as a restaurant, can be a great alternative that […]
17 April, 2018

5 garden sets to enjoy the family in spring

The garden is one of the areas of the house where you can spend time with the family and enjoy, not only their company, but also […]
12 April, 2018

What sun protection systems can be installed in the garden?

The nice weather is approaching, and we are currently in a good moment to think about the sun protection systems that we can install in the […]
10 April, 2018

At Toldos Guardamar we take care of the recycling of awnings!

With the arrival of a new season, Toldos Guardamar presents the latest developments in terms of awnings, both for homes and businesses, gardens, etc., and also […]
5 April, 2018

Protect your kids from UV rays during Easter

UV rays are one of the threats with which we must be careful to maintain the health of our skin, especially in case of the smallest […]
3 April, 2018

Take advantage of our offer Fast Repair and repair the skirt of your awning!

Have you recently installed a solar protection system in your home and because the skirt of your awning is damaged it looks bad? Do not worry! […]

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