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26 August, 2022
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Awnings are structures that allow us to enjoy the outdoors without having to be directly exposed to external elements and climate changes, however, beyond their usefulness, functionality and aesthetic appearance, it is very important that we avoid making a series of practices, which in the long run can deteriorate it and shorten its useful life.

What should we avoid in an awning?

The first thing to avoid is keeping the awning open 24 hours a day, as it could break or deteriorate in the event of gusts of wind or torrential rain.

If we go on vacation it is very important that we collect the awning and thus avoid possible damage.

Another of the bad practices that we must avoid in an awning is unnecessary cleaning with abrasive elements or strong detergents, since the canvas of the awnings comes with a preservation finish called Safe & Clean, which protects the canvas from wear and deterioration. produced by the sun, which is lost with inadequate washing. The awnings are kept clean for a long time thanks to this finish of the acrylic canvases that Toldos Guardamar uses, and if they need to be washed, it will be enough to use water and neutral soaps for more resistant stains.

What should we consider when maintaining an awning?

As professionals designing and installing awnings, we recommend checking your awning at least once a year, and in this way minimize the natural deterioration caused by external elements such as sun, wind or rain. Toldos Guardamar offers a free inspection of your awning in spring and autumn in the first 3 years after its installation, so you can have it ready before summer arrives or leave it in perfect condition for the protection it can offer you, also in winter, because for example a pergola system, when combined with curtain-type awnings, offers ideal protection to minimize the entry of air and keep your space comfortable when temperatures drop.

At Toldos Guardamar, we have trained technical staff to maintain the structural integrity of your awning at any time of the year. With the arrival of summer, checking that your awning is in perfect condition is essential to enjoy it without any unforeseen events.

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