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Maximum thermal and visual comfort

Toldos Guardamar has made an exclusive selection of the best canvas on the market, creating for you Nina's Premium Fabric collection.

Nina's Premium Fabric Collection guarantees:

1- A canvas of 295 gr / m2, a weight that guarantees the perfect balance between the necessary consistency so that the fabric has a body and that is not too heavy for the proper functioning of the fittings of your awning.

2- The maximum protection against ultraviolet rays (80+), thanks to the amount of yarns per m2 that guarantee a compact structure, which minimizes the holes through which the Sun and UV rays can pass.

3- Thanks to the composition 100% acrylic dyed in mass we can guarantee for years the persistence and brilliance of the colors: guarantee of anomalous losses of the physical properties and the color of the fabric, following the indicated maintenance instructions.

4- Our awnings integrate Safe & Clean finishes, that is, a protective barrier that repels dirt, facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of your awning, thanks to the maximum values ​​of Spray Test (100) and Oil test (6) combined.

5- And a high hydrophobic capacity that repels water and supports 35 cm of water column before starting to drip and filter.

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