The awning, a perfect insulation for the terrace

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Faced with the impossibility of getting an enclosure legally for the terrace of a building, the perfect option to isolate your terrace happens to be the placement of an awning, which although also requires some kind of permits from the homeowners association, it is usually much easier to achieve.

What do I need to install an awning?

You basically need the consent of a majority of your neighbors. In addition, the type of awning allowed, as well as its color and dimensions, should also be discussed.

What are the benefits of installing an awning?

The main benefit of placing an awning is that you will achieve a much more comfortable and intimate environment.
The awning will protect the house from the sun, the wear it causes will be diminished and, at the same time, it will slow the entry of heat into the house as it has the effect of thermal insulation.
However, it should be noted that this insulation may be influenced by other external factors, such as the orientation of the terrace.

How to choose an awning as a perfect insulator for the terrace?

The type of canvas that is used will depend to a large extent on the level of insulation. The most recommended is the microperforated; the acrylic fabric also helps protecting from heat and is also very resistant. If what we are looking for is protection against rain, it is best to opt for PVC tarpaulin.
Finally, if we look for something much more versatile, technical fabric can be our best option, since it is a resistant material and insulates very well from heat and also protects from light, but without depriving us of it, as it is semi-translucent.
On the other hand, the color we choose for the awning will also influence the level of protection from heat. We must choose dark colors. However we must bear in mind that dark colors allow less light to pass.
In Toldos Guardamar we are experts in the installation, design and manufacture of insulators for the terrace of homes, in cities such as: Orihuela, Torrevieja and Santa Pola. Let us advise you!

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