9 March, 2017
14 March, 2017
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Because our health is the inversion that has most benefits, we offer you some simple advice to better the quality of your life.

1 – Posture

A back ache is one of the most extended discomforts, but also the simpliest to prevent. We recommend to improve flesibility by doing yoga or pilates and to improve your muscles by swimming or going to the gym. All of this will help prevent spiral diseases.

2. Improve your diet and do more excercise.

As well as having five meals a day that include a light dinner and a complete breakfast with a dairy, fruit and whole grain, to excercise as usual as possible will not only help reduce the risk of cardovascular diseases, it will also help you feel more relaxed.

3. Sleep enough

To sleep at least 7 or 8 hours daily is essential to maintain a healthy life. To sleep bad and not many hours increases the risk of diseas. To sleep well is essential.

4. Maintain an active mind

It is demostrated that people that are more active with their brain avoid brain deterioration better, so meaning that they prevent diseases such as alzheimer and dementia. Simple and entertaming activities, such as reading, enjoying music, learning to play instrumnent or hobbies will give you brain work and will prevent deterioration.

5. Hidration

Do not wait until you are thisty to drink water. Yous must drink about 2 litres daily and try to swim at least once a week. Your body will thank you.

6. Be relax

Reserve 5 minutes a day to relax psicological factors can be cause of numorous cardiovascular diseases. Reducing stimulating substances and doing relaxing activities such as listening to music, breathing activities and tai chi will achieve a better quality and longer life.

7. Rest and hidrate your eyes.

Your eyes can get dry by using your computer for too long, which can provoke eye stram or even tired eyes and shot-shig tedness. To prevent this keep the screen at least 50 cm away and apply eye-drops when you feel your eyes are dry. To improve ypur eyes health, take a break every two to three hours, look at the horizon and blink frecuently.

8. Smile

When you laugh you liberate stress and anxiety,  bettering your physical and mental health immediately. Positive emotions are a necessity for well-being and a good quality life.

Also, in means yopu will proyect a more attractive image that will attrack other positive people.

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