Pergo Rain: the perfect awning for rain

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4 November, 2018
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If you are one of those who still think that an awning can not be used for areas where it rains or will be damaged when the rain falls, you are wrong. From Toldos Guardamar we want to offer you the solution that will allow you to have the awning open even in winter, something ideal for those businesses that have a terrace, homes with an interior patio or for those people who want to enjoy all the advantages offered by an awning.

Many people buy an awning thinking that it will resist all kinds of inclement weather, but it must be said that an awning, if it is not prepared, will find in the rain an enemy that will make difficult to maintain itself in the best conditions.

Pergo Rain: the perfect awning for rain

Pergo Rain is the new format of rain resistant awnings that we offer at Toldos Guardamar. They are ideal for protection against rain and different adverse weather conditions, which makes this awning one of the toughest currently on the market.

These characteristics make that our Pergo Rain awning can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of whether the environment is humid, the amount of rainfall that occurs, etc. It is an awning made to last a long time, especially if you do a correct periodic maintenance.

The main characteristic of this awning its canvas, made of materials with unique properties that allow it to resist rain and evacuate the water in an effective way. So you know, if you want to enjoy your awning at any time of the year and not have to worry if it gets wet or the environment is humid, Pergo Rain is the ideal solution to what you were looking for your home or your business.

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