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14 June, 2017
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23 June, 2017
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  1. Avoid exposure to the Sun in the hottest hours of the day (from 12 to 17 hours), as well as prolonged exposures or naps.
  2. Reduce parts of the body exposed directly to the Sun. Light clothing, thick knit shirts and long pants will block most of the solar radiation. The most comfortable clothes in warm weather are light-colored cotton shirts. Clothing should be comfortable and not too tight.
  3. It is recommended to cover your head with hats or caps.
  4. The Sun can also damage your eyes, so it is recommended to use homologated sunglasses which filter out at least 90% of ultraviolet radiation (UV).
  5. Use a high factor suncream and suitable for your age, skin type and area of the body. These protectors must be applied in generous quantities, 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and renew it every two hours and after each bath. Remember that even very effective sun protection products and that they protect against both radiation, UVB and UVA, can not guarantee a complete protection against the UV radiation risks to your health. The only way to fully prevent sun damage is to prevent exposure and when this is not done, take adequate protection measures described above to try to reduce the risks.
  6. Be careful when expose on and in the water, since radiation can penetrate up to a meter deep in the clear water.
  7. Protect children, especially since they are very sensitive to over exposure to the Sun at this time of the year. You should also avoid that children under 3 years old are exposed to the Sun. You should use high factor sun creams (advise sun protection factors higher than 40).
  8. If you are taking medication, make sure that this does not increase the skin sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.
  9. Don’t forget that the risk of sunburn increases with the height (every 300 meters, increases 4% the power of ultraviolet radiation) in the mountain the same advice should be followed to protect yourselves from the Sun.

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