7 Christmas decorations with recycled materials for the Christmas tree

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1 December, 2017
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7 December, 2017
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Christmas is approaching and, with this great event, the moment that the great majority of people make us so happy every year has arrived: Put the Christmas tree and prepare all the decorations to make it beautiful!

Are you one of the people who every year like to put new Christmas decorations in their home to personalize and give a special desing to your home? Do you buy these? You do not have to spend much money on them, you can do it by yourself!

For this, you will only need materials that you are not going to use and they can be recycled. It is a perfect plan to spend a funny day with your family and friends doing Christmas decorations and DIY’s.

Don’t you know what kind of decorations you can create or what recycled materials can use? Don’t worry about that! From Toldos Guardamar we will give you 7 ideas of Christmas decorations with recycled materials that you will love.

Christmas decorations with recycled materials to put on your Christmas tree


Do you know the typical Santa Claus boots in which gifts or sweets are left inside? You can create them with recycled materials.

You only need fabric that you aren’t  going to use in your daily life, make the shape of a boot and sew it. It’s that simple!

Christmas balls

Do you have Christmas balls that have lost their color over the years? Don’t worry, you can continue using them!

It will be enough to cover them with pieces of a disc that has been damaged.

Candle holder

It’s one of the easiest Christmas decorations. You will only need a glass jar that you will have to decorate to your liking.

Miniature Christmas tree

With many egg cups you can create a simple miniature Christmas tree.

To do this, you must superimpose a few boxes between them creating the shape of it and paint them in the colors you want.

Christmas stars

With rolls of toilet paper cut into strips, we paste them with each other and paint with the color that we like the most: Et Voilà! We will have some stars or Christmas flowers for our centerpieces or to decorate the door of our home.


Surely you have a wool sweater in your closet that you will not use anymore. Use it to make a snowman!

Divide it in two parts and make two balls filled with cotton or some soft material. Then, glue them and add all the ornaments you want your snowman to wear with some scraps.


Cut a bottle into three pieces and join the part of the cap with the bottom of our bottle. It will remain like a miniature round bottle. Then, we fill it with artificial snow and some Christmas ornament that has been broken … And ready!


From Toldos Guardamar we hope that you have liked our proposals of Christmas decorations with recycled materials and… We hope you put them into practice and show us the result!

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